Friday, July 11, 2008

Anna Getty, of PureStyle Living, to be featured on Yoga Mama Satsangha!

Anna Getty, certified yoga instructor, founder of PureStyle Living - a green lifestyle company, and heiress to the Getty family fortune will be my guest on my Yoga Mama Satsangha podcast (hosted by Talkshoe) in the near future.

We haven't chosen a date yet, but stay tuned for the details. (You can always subscribe to my RSS feed so you don't miss anything!) It is sure to be a great show. I'll post the details as they become available.

In today's show, we'll be speaking with Reiki Master and yoga instructor Terrie Wolfe-Lee about how to use Reiki with your kids. (Make it your lunch-break - gift yourself the half hour! Noon-thirty, Pacific time.)


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