Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Want to be featured on my podcast series - Yoga Mama Satsangha with LaSara Firefox?

Are you a mom who is changing the world for the better? Do you identify with the term Yoga Mama? If so, check out my podcast series, Yoga Mama Satsangha with LaSara Firefox, at Talkshoe.com.

(While you're there, take half an hour and listen to my delightful interview with Anna Getty, yoga mom and "mompreneur" extraordinaire, founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, and the organic lifestyle company, PureStyle Living.)

Once you've seen what Yoga Mama Satsangha is about, come back here and tell me why you're a good candidate for an interview! (This is also a chance for you to put out a little shout out about what you're doing to change the world. Be sure to include the url to your website.)

I look forward to hearing about the change you are being!



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