Monday, September 29, 2008

Make Time for YOU! A Mama Mini-Vacation Primer.

My new Twitter friend Marlynn wrote a blog at From Maternity to Madness today asking for tips on solo vacation ideas. I answered her there, and in the process thought, ahhh, more mamas should be thinking about what to do for some quiet time.

Okay, maybe it was also inspired by the fact that today was my FIRST day alone in my home since my new hubby moved in. We both work from home, and while I leave the house without him sometimes, he really never has left it without me in the past eight months. (He's getting used to living in a new place, building a new circle of friends, and finding his feet. Home is the only place familiar to him here, and even that is a new sort of familiar.)

We basically spend 24/7 together. And it works. We love each other THAT much.

But I won't lie; he got a full-time, temporary hire, and I'll be alone in the house all day for a few weeks. And the absolute quiet of it is like heaven. Ah, the freedom of my own thoughts, my own space, my own sanctuary. My own breath.

When was the last time YOU had some quiet time? No kiddos, no partner, no friends, no TV on in the background. I tell you, quiet is a balm that soothes the savage soul.

Solo time is priceless, precious, renewing. Quiet time, reflection, rest, recuperation, regeneration. Find a way to make the time, and let it feed you.

So, here are the ideas I offered Marlynn, and a few more for good measure:

If you have half a day:

* Book a massage. * Go for a walk in a quiet place. * Take yourself out to tea with your favorite magazine. (Avoid conversation!) * Go to a local church, monastery, zen garden, or museum. * Visit the water; ocean, lake, pond, river, fountain.

If you have one night:
My favorite way to grab a "quicky" is to spend a night at a local spa. If you're flush enough, get a massage, or other relaxation treatments. If not, take a walk or, or do some sitting. In any case, take your favorite magazine or book.

My personal ideal:
* Hot water - natural hot springs are my favorite, but a jacuzzi will do.
* Private room - though camping can be great if I'm in the mood. NO TV is a plus. (I know I might watch it if it's there. But if it's not, I have enforced quiet time!)
* Booking a massage or other treatment, on-site.
* At least 24 hours. 48 if possible!

* Reading materials; just for fun! Magazines. Fiction. Spiritual nonfiction. NOT work stuff!)
* Writing materials; for fun, and mining your personal depths. Again, not work stuff.)
* Art materials; my mom gave me this very cool African basket that fits a whole bunch or art supplies in it.

Budgeting your getaway into the calendar and the checkbook takes some commitment, but it's an investment that has a high rate of return! Your spouse, your family, your heart, your health and your body will thank you!


P.S. Stay tuned for ideas for alone-time that won't cost a dime.

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